Online Learning Tools for Gifted Middle Graders

In Successful Online Learning with Gifted Students, author Vicki Phelps offers guidelines for getting started with online tools and engaging advanced learners in grades 5-8 using virtual and blended lessons. A winner that will reward his future students, writes Kevin Cordi.

Global Pandemics App Shares Fantastic Tales

Teacher educator Curtis Chandler guides us through Global Pandemics, a “fantastic” free Chrome app that transports teachers and students back in time to the lives, choices, and dilemmas faced by individuals during some of the most severe plagues and pandemics in history.

Motivating Teachers in Challenging Times

Ron Williamson and Barbara Blackburn have advice that can help school leaders stay attuned to today’s constantly changing school environment, recognize the stress of external factors, and use strategies that encourage teachers’ intrinsic motivation and sense of self-efficacy.

Can Tech Replace the Classroom? Should it?

Writing a decade ago, Jody Passanisi and Shara Peters wondered if online learning could replace physical school. Now as they evaluate the costs to students of pandemic driven education, the teachers turned school leaders have their answer: Content in a human vacuum can’t sustain itself.

Looking Ahead to the Last Weeks of School!

What can you and your students accomplish the last few weeks of school? In this MiddleWeb Resource Roundup educators share activities that align learning with fun, offer ideas for responding to stress, and suggest strategies to help sustain your classroom community.